Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I REALLY should be painting...

Bwahahahaha! I'm suposed to be painting the bathroom upstairs-our guest bathroom if you will. I had to remove the green and cream striped wall paper, and put Kilz over the PURPLE CEILING?!? What is wrong with that picture...ok, ok, I'm all for creativity, but really? A purple ceiling? Ok, apparently I'm alone in this one, but that's ok-I'm used to it. I would like to run after the lady that put wallpaper in that bathroom, the downstairs bathroom, in the kitchen, and the borders in two other bedrooms. It's a real pain to remove, kwim? Now paint, bad as it can be if the room is a horrible color, at least all you have to do is paint it.

Ok, so enough of that-all I've got left are 3 small spots that is where the towel rack and hand towel hung before-had to buy a can of texture stuff to spray it with. Thought about using it on an ATC too, just for the heck of it. That's what I hope to be doing a little later-I have an initial ATC swap and have to make each person's iniitial into an ATC, any way that I want. Mmm hmm, due sometime mid month and I've only got two done-yikes! So I better get on the stick with that project.

Nothing real exciting-well, my vehicle acted up on the way home-I got all the way to the grocery store by our house and all was well, but when I left the grocery store it sputtered and lost power-never stopped-just seemed to have lost all my horses. When I had to stop at the light it vibrated real hard and sputtered. Called dh (dear hubby) when I finally made it home - this is his bowling night in Seattle told him what happened and he'll look at it when he comes home. So later he calls back and he tells me to check the oil, so I do, looks ok. I start it-with him on the line, it starts right up and sounds normal. I drove it around my small neighborhood block and it was fine. Now we're both puzzled. It's a diesel though, so naturally he asks me if I put gas in it (as opposed to diesel fuel)-No dear-I didn't screw it up by putting gas in it.

Can't completely blame him for wondering though-I screw up his coffee all the time. Some times he gets hot filtered water, other times hot filtered air, I've spaced and put iced tea bags in where the coffee goes before....I'm really good at messing up coffee. I get tired and just get spacey. I told him I'm only doing it on his bowling nights now. He asked 'pretty please' would I make his coffee last night, well sure enough I forgot to fill the reservoir iwth water. Oops! That day I tried to make an afternoon pot of coffee at work and messed that up too. I forgot to plug in the coffee pot. So then I realize that when I go to get coffee and it hasn't even made itself yet-I plug it in, go back to my desk-go back up thinkng it's done, boss says, nope it's not done-you didn't turn it on-I said, I know and I caught myself and plugged it in, and it should be done now...he said no-I know you forgot to plug it in, and then....after you forgot to plug it in, then you forgot to turn it on-I just turned it on. Oh-OOPs! Can you say D I T Z?

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  1. HEY Kim, blog is looking great. LIVE LIFE OUTLOUD BABE! :) Oh I can not tell you how many times I have screwed up coffee!! LOL